Massage solna centrum lavendel spa

massage solna centrum lavendel spa

CatioVital Cellular Energy device with its two exclusive function: deep-cleansing and in-depth penetration of the. During the first stage of the treatment, dead skin cells are removed with acids. Please inform us of any requests that you may have when making your reservation, so that the masseuse is able to take your preferences into account. Tissues drainage stimulates micro-circulation and drains toxins. Fine bubbles of oxygen cover the body, reach pores and speed up the skins metabolism at the same time. massage solna centrum lavendel spa

Massage solna centrum lavendel spa - Solna Thaimassage

Classic massage primarily activates blood circulation and lymph circulation, boosts metabolism, reduces headaches and muscle aches. Oils are chosen according to client skins needs and concerns. Mary Cohr beaute lifting treatment 60 min 55 The skin firming and smoothing facial treatment with pro-collagen uses a thermal heated Elastomasque which helps to slow down the signs of premature ageing, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving the tone and elasticity of the. Results: Relaxed, beautiful and radiant skin. Efteråt känns musklerna mjukare, starkare och redo för ett nytt krävande träningspass. A thermal mask is applied which creates a soothing sauna effect (much nicer than the usual steaming process). Massage increases the bodys resistance to disease, while the kneading of muscles leads toxins out of the body and boosts metabolism. Thermal firming alginate mask with trace elements. The heat triggers the elimination of toxins and excess sebum from the skin. In addition, the natural carbonisation of champagne helps to tone your skin, stimulate your immune system and improve your metabolism. Låt en av våra erfarna kinesiska terapeuter fräscha upp hela din kropp. The facial massage improves the circulation in the skin, drains the lymphatic fluids and stimulates the pressure points in the face to release facial tension. . Relaxing massage with essential oils. Varmt välkomna  att kontakta oss., avbokning/Återbud endast VIA boka direkt! Mary Cohr catiolift deluxe 90 min min. After the first treatment, the skin is tight, wrinkles are smoothed, the eyes are open and the facial contours lifted. M assage with essential oils. The exfoliation is followed by a light massage with a serum that boosts the production of collagen and elastin fibres. Känner du dig svullen och öm, passa då på att prova vår gravidmassage.

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After the treatment, the face looks visibly younger. This phase makes skin look more radiant and fresh by eliminating excess liquids from tissues. Mary Cohr beaute aromatic treatment 60 min 45, this is a customized skincare treatment based on aromatic essential oils and can be adapted to suit all individual skincare concerns: balancing, soothing, stimulating, moisturising or revitalising. XX, boka XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX, nästa. To finish the treatment, a special body cream is applied onto the skin. Meddela oss hur lång din graviditet är gången. Paketerbjudande som verkligen tar hand om dina fötter. This is followed by a relaxing massage on the face, neck and décolleté. Trimming and rejuvenating action, smooths cellulite and makes the skin silky. For massage Beauty Therapists chooses essential oils that massage solna centrum lavendel spa are best suitable for the skin type and needs. The Beauty Therapist select the Serum Gels best suited to the clients Beauty Goal. Den kinesiska kroppsmassagen, Tui-Na, bygger på avstressning med hjälp av tryck, drag och massage av hårda muskler. Firming facial massage treatment 30 min 28 During the first stage of the treatment dead skin cells are removed from the skin using an exfoliant containing papaya enzymes. Body treatment with fresh apples and warm oily massage 60 min 45 A deliciously juicy body treatment that, thanks to the moisturizing and anti-aging properties of the apple, is ideally suited for dry and mature skin. Treatment consists of 3 phases: Deep cleaning. For immediate spectacular results: the Anti-Wrinkle Face Traceur is applied along the length of each line, particularly around the eye area, mouth, forehead and neck. Tjänsten utförs en av våra seniora terapeuter som har minst 10 års erfarenhet av att utföra olika massage. After the massage, the face is covered with an alginate mask that soothes and nourishes the skin and enhances its protective function. Krävande och frigörande massage för dig som är aktivt idrottande och hårt motionerade och känner att musklerna behöver behandlas och masseras. Graviditetssmärta och svullnader försvagas med terapeutens magiska händer. Particular attention is given to the eye area so that a more youthful result is achieved. The treatment is suitable for all skin types. Vi samarbetar med Wellnet och Actiway samt löser in presentkort genom PresentkortTorget. Unique massage techniques for toning facial muscles help to restructure and raise the contours of the face. CatioLift is firming treatment for face and neck, which visibly smoothes all fine lines, lifts and fills wrinkles and firms the skin. It features our signature massage, using digital pressure points and shiatsu massage techniques. massage solna centrum lavendel spa

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